Why Certify?


When a person obtains a certification, it means that that individual has received the adequate training to provide a service to the general public. In our society, a certification is required for jobs in law enforcement, the medical system, the educational system, pest control, among others. If certification is needed in these areas, why shouldn’t Christian Counseling be held to the same standard?

Reasons to Certify

1. Certification, by a well-respected and credential entity, inspires confidence in the quality of ministry and service that an individual is providing.

2. Certification validates a person’s ministry. It shows that they want to “please and serve” God.

3. Certification increases confidence and efficiency in the counselor.

4. Certification demonstrates accountability to the church, state, and client.

5. Certification identifies individuals, to whom the public can place confident in.

6. Certification protects against lower standards.