Entrepreneurship Training

Leadership Training:
This class provides knowledge and understanding in becoming a Godly leader. Individuals are given principles, providing a foundation and structure to effective leadership in the home, church, community, or on the job.

Church Compliance Training:
This training is designed to help small churches and their leaders understand the laws that govern the local church. In this course, we cover topics such as: how to prepare legal documents; church accounting (offering, donations, and gifts); pastor’s housing allowance; pastor’s salary; inventory; IRS forms such as the 990, 941, 1099, W-2, W-3, etc.; business activities of the church; incorporation; 501c3; discussion of IRS manual for churches; by-laws; and much more.

How to Start A Business Legally:
This training carries individuals step by step through the process of legally and affordably starting their own business or non-profit.

Grant Writing Training:
This training gives individuals, groups, and organizations the basics of grant writing and the knowledge of how to save time and money by providing grantors with the proper information.

Under special circumstances, courses can also be held at your local church. Students who are interested in hosting a class at their local church should contact us for more information and discussion.

Instructor: Dr. Gregory Braggs Sr.