Christian Counseling Certification


Presently, we offer three (3) courses in counseling:

• Course I (Christian Counseling) ©

• Course II (Advanced Christian Counseling) ©

• Course III (Biblical and Clinical Therapy) ©

Counseling means to give advice and guidance. Christian Counseling means to give Godly advice, Godly counsel, and Godly guidance and direction. Counseling is not for someone to make decisions for another, or to tell a person what to do; but, counseling offers the necessary information to make better decisions on ones own. Our Christian Counseling courses are designed to teach and train individuals on how to provide Godly counsel to other individuals based on biblical principles.

In order to become certified, students must complete courses I and II. Courses I and II do not have to be taken in order and only one course will be completed per scheduled class. After completing courses I and II, each student will be awarded a Christian Counselor’s Certification. If a student chooses to complete Course III, they are then awarded a Faith-Based Clinical Therapist Certification. Each student is required to re-certify each year to maintain their certification status. The fee for recertification is $30.00. If a student is one to two years behind on recertification, the fee is $40.00. If three years behind, they must retake the last class associated with their level of certification.

Classes are held once each month on a selected Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Silver Star M. B. Church of Rome, MS, located on 208 Main Street.

If a student cannot attend an on-site class, classes are available via distance learning. Under special circumstances, courses can also be held at your local church. Students who are interested in distance learning or hosting a class at their local church should contact us for consultation.

Instructors: Dr. Gregory Braggs Sr., Dr. Bennie Braggs, Dr. Eugene Stokes Jr., Elder Willie S. Knighten